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Expecting a new baby can be the most exciting time in a woman's life, but it can also be the most uncomfortable. As the baby develops and grows, the pregnant mother's body has to adjust to a tremendous amount of physical and emotional change. A growing fetus can put a lot of added stress on a woman's pelvis, causing muscles to spasm, and ligaments to stretch. Her center of gravity changes, the larger her belly gets, forcing her spine to compensate for the changes in her balance and posture during pregnancy.

Woodinville Chiropractic uses gentle adjustments to the prenatal pelvis, sacrum, hips and ligaments, to align the body and the pelvic bowl, for the most natural positioning to cradle the growing fetus. Dr Myron Gudmundson and Dr Sara Hamill have trained in various techniques designed to improve prenatal pelvic function, and alleviate low, middle, and upper back pain in pregnant women. Closer to the due date, these techniques are designed to properly align the pelvic bowl, providing enough room for the baby to descend into the optimal position for delivery. These techniques DO NOT turn the baby, but attempt to provide the baby with the most ideal conditions for proper positioning during pregnancy and delivery.

Once your baby has arrived, your body will begin the long process of recovery. Ligaments that had softened and stretched will slowly begin to firm up, hypermobile joints will begin to return to normal, and your center of gravity will once again shift, all of which will continue to add stress to your spine, forcing musculoskeletal compensations that need to be adjusted. But prenatal and postnatal care at Woodinville Chiropractic is holistic, drug-free, and non-invasive, providing for a healthier and more pain free pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

Dr Myron Gudmundson, Dr Sara Hamill, and the whole team at Woodinville Chiropractic look forward to assisting you through your prenatal and postnatal journey, with gentle, safe, and effective chiropractic care.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Last summer I suffered an injury that kept me from my profession. I am a horse trainer and compete professionally as a barrel racer. Dr. Myron, began working on me immediately following the injury. He was amazing in his knowledge of whole body health that within a short time I was back to competing and because of his thorough care from suggestions of stretching, ice and other remedies I am back to the top of my game and free of pain. I felt he thought outside the box to do what was in my best interest!

    I highly recommend Dr. Myron Gudmundson."
    Jackie G.
  • "As a new mama, my body is regaining it's 'normal-ness' and Dr Myron has been essential toward getting me back feeling like myself again. He's super attentive, professional, and delivers the most thorough adjustments I've ever had in my 14 + years of receiving chiropractic care. I'd HIGHLY recommend Woodinville Chiropractic and Dr. Myron to anyone wanting chiropractic care!"
    Chloe S.